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IN BUST WE TRUST! Well that little statement sort of grabs your attention in a BIG kind of way doesn’t it? Hopefully it does and if you are still here reading this then we have achieved what we are trying to do here. One thing being that we want to grab your attention and make things a little bit interesting for you and entertain you in any kind of way we can; we do not want to be like any of the other countless numbers of London escort agencies out there which just feed you the same old boring (crap) day after day. The crap being the descriptions and details for the girls on their websites. I hope I can use the word crap here, I´ve done it three times now, HA HA! Only time will tell, I´ll be waiting to hear from my boss tomorrow. Yes, we know you know already… Unless maybe you have not looked at her details yet and skipped right to here because you find our descriptions so interesting and entertaining. So you know Emily is 25 years old, she has 34D breasts, a dress size of ten etc., etc., or blah, blah… you have the rest of the details just to your left. (Don´t be lazy and take a look) In Bust We Trust; why choose that? Number one it really is an attention grabber, number two because it´s something many of us all believe in and love and cherish; that would be large breasts. Our dear Emily has a D size bra cup so she qualifies for a position in our busty escort’s gallery. What else do you want to hear about Emily? We´re going to cut this off pretty quick here so you can spend some time with Emily, and then you can tell us something about her. How´s that for a reversal of roles? Role playing games anyone? OK, we´ll throw it out there; maybe our little catch-phrase gets your attention because it´s awful similar to the official motto of the United States. We hardly think it´s necessary to tell you what that is. Supposedly God made women so that means he made the breasts too, right? Why not trust in both of them? Emily has the power with her body to even make a believer out of a non-believer. If you are already a believer in big breasts you should start exercising your rights with her; it will be fun. If you date a girl please leave a review. Our 'Review of the Week' wins a free Incall! CALL US ON +91 0000-000-000 CALL US ON +91 0000-000-000 WHATSAPP +91 0000-000-000

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