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This one may crack you up a little bit or give you a chuckle…no not Diamond our new African escort: why hell, we’re not even going to talk about her… well as little as possible anyways; I guess we sort of have to otherwise there really would be no point of me writing this or you reading it now would there be? Yes as you guessed we´re going to talk about Diamond and something else that I thought about and even learned a little bit about when I saw this new woman’s name; so you know what else we´re going to mention besides Diamond? Maybe you had better sit down so you don´t fall down cause you´re laughing so hard… so we will talk about Diamond, our new black London outcall escort, diamonds, you know what those are and… *drumroll* DWARFS! HA HA HA! Yes, little people… I don´t know what else you call a dwarf besides a dwarf; well there are other names but who cares. All right, here´s what I learned today; (my boss will be real happy about hearing this) In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs I always knew they were miners but never thought about or cared what they mined for… did you as a kid? Well it turns out it´s diamonds. LOL I´m gathering that none of this is new to you; obviously you got the seven dwarfs bit, now comes more dwarf stuff. I could never remember all their names as a youngster but one that I always could was Dopey… I don´t know why; I like his name, he´s just cool. So Dopey had a job in the mine, one I´d like to have in a way; it doesn’t sound too difficult, he got to collect the rejected diamonds and throw them out! Yeah I never knew all of this; interesting huh? Ok we´ll quit now and leave you to be, but before we go I want to tell you not to be Dopey and throw Diamond away… book her, treat her nice and spoil her well; she´s a keeper who needs no polishing… If you date a girl please leave a review. Our 'Review of the Week' wins a free Incall! CALL US ON +91 0000-000-000 CALL US ON +91 0000-000-000 WHATSAPP +91 0000-000-000

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